New Beginnings~

New beginnings can be fun.  But they can also be scary!  They take us away from the familiar, the comfortable.  I’ve had a blog on another site for almost a year now, and thought I might reach out to more people if I added another one here.  I just like to write and it’s something I’m able to do without leaving home. I ‘m just a stay at home mom, who homeschools, dabbles in poetry, writing, art, cooking, and trying to make my corner of the world a better place.  I have a chronic illness, called systemic lupus, so I’m always looking for ways to keep myself upbeat.  Writing helps me do that.  I think even if no one reads what you write, you get it off your chest if you just get in on paper, or out into the ether of the internet.  I try to find daily ways to feel positive, and like to share things I discover about myself and dealing with all those little spitballs life hands out.  So, if you are feeling alone in stressful times, get out your pen and paper, or your faithful PC , and get all those emotions out.  It might be the beginning of something great!

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings~”

  1. You could! It just takes practice. I don’t think I always wrote well, but I have worked, worked, worked, at getting the words to come out right. I read somewhere that if you wrote 1500 words a day, regardless of what they were about, your writing would improve. That’s what I’m trying to practice. Never say never!

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