The Last Parade I Attended

and why I may never go again…..


It was in a small town close to us,two Septembers ago. It was for the county fair where we live. We happened to be going anyway, to look at our exhibits and thought it would be fun to catch it. I had not been to a parade in a while before that, and had forgotten how LOUD they were. Fire engine sirens, police sirens, people screaming, horns honking! Plus , the danger of getting hit in the head with flying candy, or getting bowled over by munchkins in pursuit of said candy. Oh, and did I mention the horse poop?!? Flying horse poop! From where the line of horses was just a 'flingin' it up ! I never really thought about it before, but is that sanitary? Your kids are running out into the street to get candy AFTER the horses have come through and pooped in the street…….hmmmm, I may have to rethink my parade mentality. The idea of going deaf, being run over, and eating tainted candy no longer seem like such a fun family activity. I think I'll buy my kids a big bag of candy and fling it up and onto my living room floor. I KNOW what's tromped on it………….

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10 Things I'm Certain Of

at least part of the time……

Blue Sky and Clouds

1. I am alive.

2. I am loved by my family.

3. The sky is blue. (Most of the time)

4. Not all dogs will eat dog food.

5. Not all children and old people are sweet.

6. If you stick your finger in a car's cigarette lighter( after it's activated) it will burn you.

7. Some books suck.

8. Fast food is only okay some of the time.

9. Music is only good for some things.

10. I like card games, word games , and chess, but not computer games.

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About Me~

The Other Half~

Me and My Husband

Do you have a person who brings out the best in you?  Who are they , and why do you think they have this ability?  What makes them able to do this?

My person is my husband.  We’ve been together 16 years and will be married 15 in December.  He is really my complete opposite in personality, so I guess it’s true what they say about attraction.  I’m kind of hyper, a little crazy, like bright colors and funky music.  I talk, talk, talk, and he’s quiet.  I sometimes don’t think about what I say before I say it, and he thinks about everything that comes out of his mouth.  I’m a people person, and he’s reserved.  But, I guess the funny thing about that is , we really do make a whole pair that way.  If a phone call needs to be made to someone we don’t know, I don’t mind, cause I can just about talk to anybody.  If someone needs a person to hear them out when they are upset, my husband is the one you need, because he will quietly listen.  If we ‘ve got to have a problem with our kids disputed, we need the hubby. He can be calm and cool.  I , however, will  be emotional and teary and the whole nine yards.  I guess maybe you could liken it to one thing. If you’re going to a funeral , you need him, and if you’re going to a party ya’ need me!

Of course with us being together so long, he can also bring out the worst in me.  Even though it’s not intentional ( I hope!)  he has some habits that just drive me wild!  He leaves his stuff everywhere.  A typical male habit , I’m told.  On this chair, in this drawer , across this cabinet.  He is sloooooooow to make decisions, and I feel like he is molasses sometimes.  ( But then again, “I” of the snap decisions need someone to moderate my impulses occasionally!)  I like meeting new people , and he would really rather live under a rock.  This is an old family trait , he tells me.  When men of his family reach a certain age, they become hermits.

So, hopefully we balance each other out.  It’s a give and take .  I have a very strong personality, I think, so sometimes maybe he’s more on the giving end.      I never really thought about how one person can keep us grounded, mellow us out, and just make us a better person, but he does all that for me.          And I’ve given him a little more gray in  return! Gee, I think that earns the boy  an extra big kiss when he gets home, don’t you?


Here’s to that one special person~ Ruby Jeanette


New Beginnings~

New beginnings can be fun.  But they can also be scary!  They take us away from the familiar, the comfortable.  I’ve had a blog on another site for almost a year now, and thought I might reach out to more people if I added another one here.  I just like to write and it’s something I’m able to do without leaving home. I ‘m just a stay at home mom, who homeschools, dabbles in poetry, writing, art, cooking, and trying to make my corner of the world a better place.  I have a chronic illness, called systemic lupus, so I’m always looking for ways to keep myself upbeat.  Writing helps me do that.  I think even if no one reads what you write, you get it off your chest if you just get in on paper, or out into the ether of the internet.  I try to find daily ways to feel positive, and like to share things I discover about myself and dealing with all those little spitballs life hands out.  So, if you are feeling alone in stressful times, get out your pen and paper, or your faithful PC , and get all those emotions out.  It might be the beginning of something great!