There Was a Little Boy~


Today I want to take time to wish my youngest son , a very “Happy Birthday!”  I have been so lucky to have him in my life, because after our first son, they told us we most likely would NOT have any more, due to my health.  He is my “BONUS” baby.  :)  He and his brother have such a special relationship , too.  I have had so many people ask, “How do they get along so well?” and my answer has always been, “They are each other’s best friends. ” They were born exactly two years, two days and two hours apart. His brother told everyone that Denim was HIS baby, and that little two year old boy fed his brother, held him, and protected him from all harm.  Denim has grown into such a smart kid, with huge blue eyes and a off-beat , quirky personality.  He has deep philisophical conversations with me, and is very compassionate. We are so happy to call him ours, and can’t wait to see what he makes of his life.  We love you blue-eyed sweet one!  Happy 14th birthday !  <3


I want to take today to wish my oldest son the happiest of sweet 16′s. We are so very blessed to have him in our lives and think everyday how lucky we are that the doctors had NO idea what a fighter he was. When he was born at 32 weeks, prematurely and as blue as a smurf, the doctors told us, “He will die.”  then they told us, “Well, he may live but he will be brain damaged. He will never walk, talk or read. He will never be like other children his age.”   But they don’t ALWAYS know. He is 16 today, and walks, never stops talking, and loves to read. He drives his Momma around , has a “friend who is a girl” LOL   :) and is going to graduate this year and get “a real job”.  Some people would say that their children were lucky to have THEM for parents, but I know that it is I who is lucky to have had my boys in MY life. I am a much better person than I ever would have been without them . Happiest of days today sweet son, and always. We love you!! <3

Box-Holders ~


Dear  political  candidates,

I  would  like  to  take  this  time  to  express  my  sincere  thanks  for  all   the political  flyers  , postcards,  pamphlets  and  papers  that  you  have  so graciously  inundated  my  mailbox  with  at  this  particular  time  of  year.  We  receive  at  least   four  or  five  pieces  of  said  mail  each  day.   They  are   compact ,  and  concise  and  state  your  views  so  that  we  know  where  you  stand.  They are  very  handy.  See,  we  are  a small , backwoods  family,  that  burns wood  in  the  winter.  These   flyers  make  excellent  kindling.  We  can  just roll  them  up  , keep  them  in  our  stove -side basket  and voila’ , instant flames for our toasty wood heater.  So  in  conclusion  , just   keep  sending  us  those  precious  flyers , and  postcards ,  with  the promises  on them that you don’t intend  to keep.  It’s  so much fun  watching them  go   up   in  smoke  .

Sincerely  ,

 Ruby Jeanette    

Like I Haven’t Heard THAT ONE Before~ “You Don’t LOOK Sick!”

This is me. I like like poetry, writing it, reading it, hearing Robert Burns read in Gaelic style. I’m not going to tell you my age , if you know me well enough to have read my blog, or just know me well enough, then you know how old I am. I have black hair, and green eyes. 10603462_729906193748723_4065940491525995201_n 10411255_729906263748716_5728919877270098224_n 10625102_729906277082048_4005102635514899624_n

So here in this picture you might make all kinds of assumptions. She looks young , vibrant and healthy. She looks like she enjoys spending lots of time outdoors, and is fairly active. She looks good. But here are some more pictures of me.

971513_508271275911014_1395556321_n 1236648_532232006848274_900481072_n 12992_535854883152653_1484694960_n

This is what I look like too. I have systemic lupus erethemetous. I also have complete heart failure, nervous system damage, seizures. Raynaud’s phenomenon ( a circulatory problem that causes your extremities to turn blue, purple or even black with cold) , Sjogren’s ( an auto immune condition that causes extreme dryness in your joints, and other areas such as your mouth , eyes and soft tissues.)  , and also POTs. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome a rare heart condition caused by my lupus damaging my nerves in my heart. I get adrenaline overload almost constantly from these, and so my heart rate runs a constant 125 sitting still , if I attempt to move or do any activity it will shoot up closer to the 200 bpm mark. I only have 30% function of my heart, and have such extreme allergies that just the very smell of certain things can cause me to have an extreme reaction . So WHY did I show you these? Because I want you to know what a person with lupus REALLY looks like. To know that we deal with excruciating pain on a daily basis, but still manage to look that first set of pictures. We don’t want your sympathy. We want your compassion and understanding. We want you to know that people DON’T take us seriously BECAUSE we DON’T look sick. We’re warriors every day . Our bodies are the enemy, and the weapons the doctors have given us are very limited. What we have is fatal. Yes, I said fatal. There is NO cure for lupus. It is the zombie of the disease world, eating us from the inside out. And yet, we still manage to get up, smile, walk on, love our families, and still hold joy for life, however short it is.  So maybe that’s why we choose to make sure that people see us this way, and why we hear SO often that dreaded phrase, “But you don’t LOOK sick!!”

971513_508271275911014_1395556321_n 10647125_729906170415392_6323871101305806696_n

What Lies Beneath~

Original Poem ~ Ruby Jeanette Woods


Who am I really?

Lover , sinner , saint?

The outward faces that we show,

are only coats of paint.

Everyone goes about  the expected way,

and plays their little games,

never realizing , that they all spread the pain.

The ones we thought that loved us best,

tell the most vicious lies.

And all the time they hide behind

a mask of perfect smiles.

A world full of glossies , and whitened bright veneers

passing by those they deem less worthy,

and causing them to fear.

Left with wondering what we did,

to make them feel such disdain?

People we once trusted,

now just  turn the other way.

False friends , and broken vessels,

is all there is to say.

Whited sepulchers on the outside,

inside death and decay.



Some of my art. Colored pencil, pen and ink, marker, and digital.  Image Copyright. Ruby Jeanette Woods. 




Here be dragons,

long and lean,

bold of heart,

not craven , mean.

Here be dragons,

warm of soul,

strong of mind,

wise and keen.

They guard their treasure,

not gold nor gems,

but scrolls of wisdom,

words of men.

Here lies wealth of a different sort,

books and tomes,

from every port.

Come learn what every page does keep,

while under the wyvern’s wing you sleep.


Ruby Jeanette Woods



 My big brave boy. He never complains. I mean NEVER. He has lain , sawn asunder in the CARDI unit of ICU in ACH. 1425703_574474442625233_565914935_n He’s had so many horrible things happen to him in his life since he came into this world as an emergency delivery , blue as a smurf, not breathing, the doctors taking him by my head for a few brief seconds . He came 2 terrifying months early , because my body was killing him, unknown to us at the time, I had systemic lupus erythematosos which decided that my son was a alien creature deserving to die, and so it was starving him of oxygen , and destroying his heart. They told us he would almost certainly die, definitely have brain damage, and NEVER be normal EVER again. He would never READ, or WRITE, or WALK or BE like the other children. IF we WERE LUCKY to KEEP him with us at all.  So began a journey of proportions that my 19 year old mind had never anticipated. I only knew he was mine, and I loved him beyond all reasoning, and was going to fight with all I had to prove the doctors wrong. He was BEAUTIFUL. And something in my childlike faith told me he was strong. They told us, he will need at least 2 months before he can eat on his own and leave the hospital. He ate on his own in a week and left in TWO.  He got his 1st pacemaker at 9 months old,  said his first words during that visit to the hospital and nearly gave the nurses a heart attack. He could climb out of his crib at 10 months, and so we had to dismantle it, so he could sleep on his toddler mattress on the floor to keep from hurting himself. And although he had round after round of pneumonia, bronchitis, viral infections, and endless sicknesses, he knew all his colors at age 18 months , had a huge vocabulary and could hold conversations with adults that astounded them. When time came for him to test for school, he tested well into above average level, so those doctors who said , He won’t make it, he’ll die, and IF , we say IF he lives, he’ll be brain damaged beyond repair, I defy them to look into the green eyes of my big brave boy .Three pacemaker surgeries later, he now he takes apart lawn mower motors with my Dad, can see things mechanically , and digitally on a computer that my brain can never comprehend, and I know, KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a God , who has a higher plan for him , who that day when those doctors said , He will die, said , You are Not the MASTERS here, and I have never been more glad.  

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